About Us

What is Holistics?


Holistics is a flexible business intelligence (BI) automation and visualization software. We help data teams streamline their data preparation and reporting processes, to quickly get answers to questions. Designed with flexibility in mind, Holistics helps data teams:

  • Get full visibility of their data context and business
  • Speed up the preparation of data from different sources into business insights
  • Work securely within their existing cloud infrastructure set-up


    Why did we build Holistics?


    Holistics was built to make data analysis a powerful differentiator for emerging companies. At Holistics, we've taken BI solutions that had previously only been available to large enterprises, and developed a complete scalable, flexible and affordable platform that allows you to handle the modern big data needs of your company, regardless of size. 

    At Holistics, we help you take the first step for change. We believe that the ability to formulate high performing data business assets should be accessible to anyone, from early stage startups to tech unicorns, so we can build new ways of accomplishing more together.

    What does this mean for you?


    Most BI tools can generate any charts, tables or visualizations that a user needs, after the data has been prepared. But much more time is spent preparing data than reporting. Business users are waiting for answers from their data analysts, while the data analyst waits for the data engineers to integrate various data sources. It does not have to be this way. 

    Data analysts should be asking new business questions with your data, rather than answering questions that your company already has. Holistics automates the manual preparation work behind presenting and structuring raw data into logical and actionable processes, drastically reducing the time taken to build data based business solutions. The real measure of data workflow effectiveness is the time it takes to create insights, going from query to results. 

    We empower people with the data tools needed to build a new world, giving data analysts full control of the data pipeline, with the ability to operate in minutes, and not days or months. We want changemakers to have the best chance of success, by working with champions regionally to enable them for a global stage.

    Who are we?


    Holistics was founded by a team of engineers and business intelligence professionals that started out as university friends. With more than 15 years of industry experience working internationally in places such as IBM, Facebook, Microsoft and other successfully acquired startups, the Holistics team is on a mission to make data tools and business intelligence a widely accessible force for growth.

    What's the story behind Holistics?


    Holistics began with 3 founders from diverse backgrounds, connected by a vision for building great products. Originally conceived of as an internal analytics dashboard/query tool within a startup, we realized that many other startups are spending large amounts of time building their own custom data platforms from scratch. With Holistics, we can save startups precious time, helping them focus their engineering efforts on product and growth, and even the playing field between emerging startups and well-funded enterprises.


Fullstack Software Engineer [$800 - $1,300]
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Back-end Software Engineer [$800 - $1,300]
$800 - $1,300
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